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gosdep the USA draws on acceptance of strict measures concerning Syria

Gosdep of the USA insists that the situation in Syria demands more rigid intervention. Such reaction of Washington has followed in reply to the statement of head Russian Sergey Lavrova`s who has noticed Ministry of Foreign Affairs that upolnomochivanie from the policy Security council, decided to enter an army to Syria, will not receive.

If someone intends to apply at any cost force, I already heard appeals to enter any Arabian armies into Syria hardly probable we can prevent if someone wants similar to make something. But let it occurs under their own initiative, let it will be on their conscience - the minister has underlined.

In turn, the official representative of US State department Victoria Nuland has noticed that more rigid actions concerning Damascus " are really necessary;. At this Nuland has considered it necessary to notice that the USA intend To continue dialogue with Russia about it both in New York, and on a bilaterial basis . Words of the official representative results Interfax .