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Liner Costa Concordia was wrecked from - for errors of the captain

Kruiznyj liner Costa Concordia which has sat down on a bank at coast of Tuscany, has had an accident from - for errors of the captain. It is declared by the proprietor of the ship, navigable company Costa Crociere.

The captain of the liner, Ex Skettino, asserted that the ship has sat down on a bank, having run into the rocks which have been not noted on a navigation chart. Skettino underlined that its vessel did not sheer. Costa Concordia has received a large hole in the bottom in several n miles from Dzhilo and only then, having changed a course, took a direction on island. Failure of a vessel has led to death at least of five persons.

It is represented that the commander of a vessel has committed errors at decision-making which have led to serious consequences - it is told in the statement of the ship-owner.

Meanwhile, law enforcement bodies of Italy after interrogation have detained the captain Ex Skettino and its senior assistant Chiro Ambrosio. The commander of crew of a vessel suspect of unpremeditated murder and that he has left the liner before the termination of evacuation of people. In case its fault will be proved, Skettino threatens till 12 years of prison, France Press informs.


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