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Inhabitants of Murmansk area began to drink less

Murmanskstat has compared indicators 2010 and 2011 to analyse that occurred to retail trade during these periods. Figures raznilis. As a result of poll of heads of some the organisations in the fourth quarter 2011 of 88 percent from them named a situation in retail trade satisfactory. Favorable it was counted by 8 percent. neud have put only 4 percent of heads. In turn doing forecasts for the first quarter of current year the same respondents in the majority (65 percent) have noticed that the situation will not change. Thus 21 percent hopes for improvement, and 14 – do not doubt deterioration.

If to speak about branch as a whole following the results of 2011 the turn of retail trade in the Polar region has exceeded 112 billion roubles.

- In the comparable prices it for 1,8 percent more than in 2010 - the m, - marks Murmanskstat. - In December 2011 - go the turn of retail of the goods has developed at a rate of 13869 million roubles. It in the comparable prices for 4,3 percent more than in December of year before last.

In structure of trade relative density of sale of foodstuff and tobacco products has made 55, 2 percent. It for 2 percent more than year before. It is curious that sale of alcoholic drinks and beer was reduced. However, all for 0,9 percent.