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Streets in Kronstadt shine up-to-date lanterns

It only in the spring and in the summer in Petersburg the white nights, and here in the autumn and in the winter after six evenings in streets it`s pitch dark – darkness. Which - as with a problem lanterns consult. However here again the problem to shine a mullions-strong city electric power a great lot is required. It turns out, all over the world an electricity save, and in Northern capital practically squander, though and in the good purposes.

Now and Petersburg was connected to the program of special economy. Have begun with Kronstadt. In street lanterns usual lamps have replaced on light-emitting diode. And, put not only in intraquarter territories, but also there, where requirements to light exposure proezzhej parts raised. Many at all have not noticed changes, and they are.

- There where have established the new equipment, light exposure has considerably improved, - have told « in a press - service « Lensveta ». - Light-emitting diode lamps minister longer and do not demand constant service.

At observance of all norms of brightness and light exposure with new the equipment was possible to save 44 percent of the electric power from old indicators.

- the Total economy will reach for a year of hundred megawatt at an o`clock, - have specified in « Lensvete ». – In monetary calculation it – four hundred thousand roubles.

Shine with light-emitting diodes and Petrovsky park in Kronstadt. There have established eighty lamps in style of an epoch of Peter I. In park power consumption have reduced six times.

- Lanterns direct light in such a manner that they shine only walking paths, without mentioning surrounding trees, - speak power. – such illumination is more comfortable.