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In Rostov will pass a memorial evening of stuntman Alexey Latotsky

On Thursday, on January, 26th, at 16:30 the Rostov House of cinema will pass a memorial evening of stuntman Alexey Latotsky. Friends are invited To action and colleagues of the stuntman. Alexey Petrovich has died two years ago. At evening will show a documentary film about the known stuntman whom removed during lifetime of the sportsman.

- stuntmen are invited To a meeting from association « Russians » together with which Alexey Petrovich, and also his son worked, - has told «» the author of the scenario of a picture Alexander Kuts. - On film shootings under the name « the Fiery pipe or 150 days from life of the stuntman » have spent five months — all this time the creative group went for Latotsky on the country. We wanted to make a film about the outstanding stuntman, and it has turned out that it is removed in memory of Alexey Petroviche. On a film the unique moments are embodied, for example, as in runtime of a trick it breaks feet or as he worries divorce with the fourth wife.

The film lasts an order of 30 minutes, to free viewing of a picture invite all interested persons.

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Alexey Latotsky - the sixfold champion of Russia on high-speed maneuvering, the master of sports. Has become famous for the whole world for that became the only thing on the Earth the stuntman, managed to execute an amazing trick — a jump from a roof of the car rushing for speed of 100 km/ ch, through a pipe flaring by fire.