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In Pyatigorsk search for the driver of the brought down person and disappeared

road accident has occurred on January, 23rd about 9 evenings on the prospectus of 40 years of October around the house number 51. The unknown driver has brought down the man and has left a scene. All has occurred directly near the house of the victim when that came back from work.

- Fast delivered pjatigorchanina in TSGB 1 where to it have diagnosed - closed cranial - a brain trauma, the bruise of a brain and crisis of the arch of a skull, - informs department of traffic police of a city of Pyatigorsk. - into place proishestvija the group on search OGIBDD has immediately left. The right rear-view mirror which the disappeared driver has lost in a hurry was revealed. So it has been established that the originator of road accident is the car of Hyundai Accent of dark colour.

Some data to inspectors could inform and the victim – in number of its offender there is figure 6 and the M. letter The department of traffic police of a city of Pyatigorsk is converted to all possible witnesses to call in a call centre under number 31 - 91 - 06, 38 - 35 - 71 or 02. Also by given phones can be converted and workers of repair trucks where the prospective originator of failure can be converted for repair of a mirror and dents. Any information will be taken into consideration.