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On a casting Houses - 2 in Perm 130 persons

the Reality - show « have come; the House - 2 » there are on TV channel TNT almost 8 years, and the program rating only grows. In these days off in Perm has passed a casting in popular show on which 130 persons have come!

In spite of the fact that the beginning has been planned at 12 o`clock, in an hour participants of a casting have in the forenoon started to gather, and to 12 halls almost has been completely filled by applicants, basically it there were young men. First of all questionnaires in which it was necessary to specify the data asked to fill them, and after in a separate room passed individual interview.

On a casting the most different people have come, all of them have been adjusted resolutely:

- the Project I look partly, if fairly it irritates me. I do not like the relation of girls to men. I see that girls try to be ahead of the man, I think that so should not be, therefore I want to come on the project and to express the position.

And one girl, probably for certain to strike the casting - managers, has entered into a hall in a suit of a cat.

- I participate often in different actions and parties. Always I try to dress up in any suit, - the participant of a casting presented by Nastej has told. - the Image of a cat to me was advised by friends who have learnt that I go on a casting. My idea have concerned positively. On a casting has come, because I can not meet the person yet, similar to me which would be cheerful, creative and besides clever. I go on the project, to build love! »

Has finished a casting in the evening - at 20 o`clock. Results of interview participants   learn later, quite probably that very soon on reliti - show we will see permjakov!