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It is required to the world of 600 million workplaces

According to the United Nations, it is necessary to create about 40 million vakansky annually to overcome unemployment within the next ten years, (SQUANDERER) is informed in the report of the International organisation of work.

Despite serious efforts of the governments, crisis in employment sphere does not faint, and, one of three workers worldwide, or about 1,1 billion persons, either is the unemployed, or lives on the verge of poverty, Juan Somavija, the general director the SQUANDERER has declared .

in its opinion, maintenance of citizens with workplaces should become a priority direction of economic development of the countries, and the labour market level of development will appear an indicator of overall performance of the government.

monitoring of introduction of vacancies and co-ordination of activity of the various organisations and the companies, " becomes the Problem of the authorities; To reduce fear and the uncertainty, disturbing to investments . In that case private businessmen can restart the basic mechanisms of global creation of workplaces informs Al - Dzhazira .

the Report the SQUANDERER also contains appeals to control increase over nalogovo - budgetary sphere, to regulation financial and support real economy sectors.