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In the Tver region White prepares documents on rank assignment the City of military glory

the City White applies for becoming the third City of military glory in the Tver region, this high rank is already appropriated to Tver and Rzhev.

  Throughout all 1942 the front line repeatedly passed on city streets. It was important strategic object as gave vent to such large railway junctions as Smolensk, Vyazma, Rzhev, Velikie Luki. Almost two years, 597 days, went bloody fights under White. During operations the city has been completely destroyed and burnt out.

- In area Belsky`s territory only under the informal data was lost more than 30 thousand persons.

Now area Belsky`s administration collects a package of documents which will be generated till February, 10th – according to expert estimations and recommendations of experts. To this question   Military historians, regional specialists and workers of museums are involved.

In February the petition for assignment White an honorary title « the City of military glory » it will be considered at Legislative Assembly session. Then documents will send in the Russian organising committee « Victory ».