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Under Voronezhem the father within three years forced the son

On work in Buturlinovsky TSRB mechanic Nikolay Klepikova * always considered as the decent person and the exemplary family man. That in a family at the man can be created such, anybody and could not think. Within three years - with 2008 - go on 2011 - j year the pervert forced the elder son to whom three years ago (when this nightmare has begun) was only eight years. The geek scoffed not only at the child - over all family: beat the wife, her oldest daughter from first marriage.

Objasnenija Klepikova have amazed even worldly-wise inspectors. On interrogation the suspect has informed that did not love the son as considered its nonnative. The woman has become pregnant before Klepikov has got into prison for murder. He has seen the son only in some years when it was released. Tender feelings it supposedly fed only for the younger son, it only five...

the boy told About constant harassments of the father the native. However mother conceived complaints of the son not differently, as displays of its violent imagination... All was found out in the autumn of 2011 when Klepikova have detained for hooliganism. The relatives who have tired of its constant mockeries have decided to seize this moment and have told the policeman about complaints 11 - the summer son. And also about strangenesses 40 - the summer man. Recently the spouse began to notice that that uses its cosmetics and puts on in lady`s wear.

- After interrogation of the boy children`s psychologists have made the conclusion that it does not say lies. Soon the detained and itself has started to give evidences. We have filed criminal charges on three episodes under article « Violent acts of sexual character » (till 20 years of prison), - has told «» Paul Grachev, Bobrovsky`s MSO inspector SOU SK the Russian Federation across the Voronezh region. - to the Suspect has been appointed it is judicial - psychiatric examination by which results it is recognised by made. Klepikov realised that forces the juvenile child. Now the man is in custody.

The further the consequence moved ahead, the emerged shocking details more. On interrogations Klepikov admitted that forced the son and earlier when to the boy was only eight. Then the family lived in village under Anna. On January, 24th anninskie inspectors have brought one more criminal case on two episodes. However there is a suspicion that them was more.

Now, according to relatives, the boy has become reserved. The child continues study at school and is under supervision of psychologists.

* it is changed.