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In Murmansk area the victim in failure about shopping centre had been made operation

As a result serious failure in Severomorsk three mothers with three children have suffered.

is an eight-monthly kid, the nine-year girl, and 18 - the summer son of one of victims, - have informed the correspondent «» in North Sea TSRB.

we Will remind, last night « Toyota » at the wheel the military man was which, Safonova where there were people has taken off on a foot part near shopping centre in the street. From blow by car one of women has simply pressed in a shopping centre show-window.

to Troy victims after failure two - in regional have been hospitalised in regional hospital.

- the Status of those three who is at us - satisfactory, - North Sea physicians speak. - in an odd-come-shortly - two gather one of them to write out.

In regional hospital mum of the baby and its kid is delivered. Operation has been made. Now their status is stable - heavy.

- All possible we do, - the head physician of regional hospital Alexander Golovanov has informed. - Donor blood is not necessary to victims yet.