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In Kazan to the leader of a gang in 2 times have knocked off term for a cooperation with the investigation

32 - summer Romanu Toporkovu was threatened with punishment at once under three articles of the criminal code - – « gang creation » « the robbery made by organised group, in especially large size » « robbery made by the organised group with threat of application of violence, life-threatening and health, with a use of weapons, in the large size ».

When the man have detained and have brought accusation, he has decided to conclude the pre-judicial cooperation agreement and completely recognised the fault.

- On a trace of a gang field investigators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan left in 2010. 8 participants of a gang, including its organizer have been detained. One more is put now on the wanted list, - have informed in a press - service of SOU SKR of Tatarstan.

As has found out a consequence, in the beginning of 1999 in Kazan earlier offender Toporkov has created a gang for fulfilment of attacks on citizens. In it it has involved acquaintances from grouping « 56 - j quarter ».   For 6 years of the criminal activity participants of a gang had been made 2 robberies and 16 armed assaults. Basically criminals attacked apartments.

As a rule, at fulfilment of crimes malefactors used the militian form, or dressed masks - hats.   the stolen values marketed through pawnshops.  

Taking into account the pre-judicial agreement, the Sovereign court of Tatarstan has sentenced Romana Toporkova to 11 - ti to years of imprisonment in a high security colony.