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More than 240 thousand forgeries have withdrawn in the Vologda area from the beginning of year

Large dump of forgeries recently for the Vologda area not a rarity. From the beginning of year field investigators have registered 65 fakes, and 44 of them face value in five thousand roubles.

As have told to the correspondent «» in a press - service of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the Vologda area, the total sum of false roubles has exceeded 240 thousand. The police clutches at the head - all denominations of a high-quality fake.

- With open years to distinguish a fake difficult enough, there are all signs of an original denomination: and « a crunch » both hologrammes, and colour - all corresponds, even in an ultraviolet there is that « protection » - the senior operupolnomochennyj UEB and personal computer UMVD of Russia on the Vologda area the Novel Grishin recognised. - Forgeries can be distinguished only in the presence of the detector with an infra-red luminescence. Practically in all shops where forgeries came true, such devices are not present.

While it is known that two men are involved in distribution of forgeries, is possible « guest performers ». Suspicious buyers have found out by means of a videocamera established in shop of Cherepovets. Investigation proceeds.