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Head Rosrybolovstva Andrey Extreme: « We want to popularise fishing and solicitous attitude to the nature »

on January, 24th in a press - the centre “ ” has taken place a press - conference of head Rosrybolovstva Andrey Extreme.

the Main subjects a press - conferences became preparation for the All-Russia festival of fishing “ National fishing ” and amendments to the law “ About fishery and preservation of water biological resources ” - We hope that at the first stage of the All-Russia festival on fishing will take part 2 - 3 thousand persons, - head Rosrybolovstva has told. According to Extreme, the first session of organising committee " today has taken place; National fishing so the festival will be called now.

the First stage will take place on February, 19th on Mozhaisk a water basin. The second – will pass on Baikal on March, 18th. Further “ National fishing ” Will go to Kazan, Astrakhan and other regions. Now the organising committee still develops the schedule of carrying out of these actions in regions, - Andrey Anatolevich has explained.

Head Rosrybolovstva does not consider festival only as sports action. For us this festival not so much sports, how much amateur action. We want that people were simply going to have a rest with the families.

For us the main thing - to popularise fishing for the people, which else are not involved yet in this fascinating employment, and also populjarizrovat solicitous attitude to water resources and the native nature. Besides, on February, 19th is first day of Russian Shrove.

Therefore around the Mozhaisk water basin will be various igrishcha, entertainments and pancakes. There will be no only an alcohol. Already precisely it is known that near to the Mozhaisk water basin the parking on 1500 cars will settle down, the field-kitchen, dry closets will earn.

for All participants will wait in settlement Krasnovidovo on the basis of rest of hunters and fishers. To participate in “ to National fishing ” any person can. For this purpose it is necessary for each participant to pass free check in.

it is necessary To be registered also to spectators. From now on it can be made also on a site of Rosrybolovstva. It is interesting that to one of prizes of the first stage becomes free poezka to Baikal where the second stage will take place.

the Second subject the press - conferences became a question on amendments in the law “ About fishery and preservation of water biological resources ”. Journalists asked questions on cancellation fleshkart and prospects of amateur fishing.

Andrey Krajny has explained that while speech about introduction fleshkart does not go, however after a while it is necessary - taki to return all to this subject.

Besides, Extreme has declared that fish tourists should - taki to buy all vacation packages on fishing bases and has assured that amendments to the law “ About fishery ” will be brought as soon as possible. In March the updated bill should be already in the State Duma.