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The adult son, at last, could to beat out from the father the alimony

Court enforcement officers of Petersburg have helped 22 - to the summer guy who never received the alimony from the native father, at last to restore justice.

the Man from the city of Velikie Luki, run into debt to the son the decent sum, has replaced a residence. It has moved to Petersburg, but also here it was found by court enforcement officers. Then careless daddy has started to pay every month on two thousand roubles. Such insignificant sum as the father has explained, is connected about absence of work.

- the Court order about collecting alimentnogo a debt in the size more than 198 thousand roubles have arrived to court enforcement officers of Petersburg from colleagues from Pskov, - have informed in UFSSP across Petersburg.

Soon police officers have learnt from the former spouse of the debtor that recently the man has got profit on apartment sale. The information have checked up. Have directed inquiry to credit institution. There there are bills of the debtor. 198 thousand roubles have arrested and have listed to the son.

are single instances when full age have paid the alimony. Court enforcement officers have very well worked: both have found the person, and have established its property, - have told « in a press - service UFSSP across Petersburg.