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Tambovchanka at first has stolen pensions from old men, and has then cleaned the colleague

On Monday, on January, 23rd, into police with the statement it was converted 60 - the summer townswoman Kirsanov - from its bank card have disappeared 7 thousand roubles. Field investigators have found out in bank that on January, 18th on the bill of the woman money which have removed this very day have arrived.

Videocameras have fixed the moment of removal of money at the enterprise. The swindler has convicted the moment when its colleague has left a bank card in a purse, and has put it in a locker for disguise. The credit card has been wrapped in a piece of paper on which has been written pin - a code. 30 - the summer woman has remembered a code and when have added the salary, has outstripped the colleague. Has used its card, has drawn out money then has put a bank card back and has gone home. And when the suffered has decided to draw out money, has seen that on balance there were only 34 roubles.

- the Woman the fault does not recognise. The question on criminal case excitation under article « is now solved; Theft ». It already was sudima, - have told in a press - service UMVD of Russia across the Tambov region. - as summer of 2011 it, working on one of mail branches, has received 150 thousand roubles for payment of pensions. It has appropriated all sum, for old men has put counterfeit signatures. And here has again fallen back into the old ways.