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Agent Sosnina: « Anton in « Kuban »? And in « Milan » him do not call »?

On Monday Samara Wings have returned from the first gathering from Turkey. In spite of the fact that with the command there have gone many potential beginners with anybody from them the contract has not been signed. And today the Samara fans have been excited by news that Wings can lose halfback Anton Sosnina. On the Internet there was an information that the football player is close to transition in Kuban . The official site of fans of the Krasnodar club even has informed on transition of Sosnina, as about the come true fact. But officially this information while has not found acknowledgement. However, agent Sosnina and to deny it did not become.  

- Anton in Kuban ? And who speaks about it? Fans on a site have written? And they it is casual in Milan Sosnina do not marry off? - Vitaly Kaloyev has reacted. - At present Anton - the player Krylja Sovetov . While concerning transition in Kuban to me it nothing to tell.  

As a matter of fact, has denied the appeared information and and. An island of the general director Wings Denis Maslov. As he said, conversations on Anton Sosnina`s transition in Kuban - ridiculous hearings.  

- Even I do not want to discuss this question, - Denis Maslov has told. - it is possible to make comments only on the official information. In this case I do not see sense to discuss that has appeared on a site of fans Kuban . A leah a little that write. It is not necessary to collect hearings.  

we Will remind that Anton Sosnin has come in Wings in the summer of 2010. The football player has got at once to the basic structure at Alexander Tarhanove. The talented halfback has helped to Wings to remain in the Prime minister - league and with it the contract for three years has been signed. There was an impression that the football player becomes one of leaders Wings in a following season.

But 2011   at the young halfback it has turned out ambiguous. Sosnin regularly got to the basic structure in the first part of the championship. And when in Wings Andrey Kobelev, Anton has come looked not so confidently and quite often began a match with a bench. However, the head coach of the Samara command said that Sosnin is necessary to the command. The football player has passed in structure Wings the first gathering. Leah Sosnin will go with the Samara club on the second, we learn very soon. To Spain Wings leave on January, 28th.