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Patrol boat for the Azov customs officers have thrown on a line in Moscow Region

the New patrol boat « the Mongoose » for the Azov customs officers in cost of 120 million roubles about two months costs open-air in Sergievo - Posadsky area of Moscow Region.

on November, 29th around 62 - go kilometre of a highway of M - 8 « Holmogory » inspectors of traffic police have paid attention to the moving lorry convoy which could not drive under an overpass and has been urged to move on adjacent road, having changed the route specified in the special permission.

the Tractor with a vessel could not drive under an overpass from - that dimensions and cargo weight strongly exceeded specifications. As a result on one of trailer axes tyres have collapsed. After weighing the full weight of the lorry convoy has made 73,52 tons — gross infringement of specifications. The parametres thus specified in the permission have appeared are underestimated almost twice.   As the heavy trailer with a boat could not move on spetsstojanku, it should be left directly at a line before elimination of infringements.

one of divisions of Federal customs service in the city of Azov of the Rostov region has appeared the Customer of a vessel. In southern customs office of Federal customs service of Russia of the person which could comment on this situation have not found.