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Gazprom invest the East have punished lawfully

Regional Office of Public Prosecutor has checked up, how much honesty observes the nature protection legislation at building of the main gas pipeline the customer of works, informs a press - department service.

It was found out that the Wood code of the Russian Federation of Open Company « Gazprom invest the East » broke not once. So that to cut wood on a place of the future gas pipeline, it is necessary to receive the allowing documentation. At its customer it has not appeared. All information on already cut down wood – amount of works, breeds of trees – it is necessary to submit to management of woods of the government of edge. And there on the basis of the received data will solve where to send wood – on fire wood or, say, building of houses. But also this document « Gazprom invest the East » has not issued, and the cut down wood has started up on the device lezhnevyh roads.

the customer and with the Water code has disrespectfully managed, autocratically, considering only the interests, having equipped 28 transitions through the rivers and inflows.

the Office of Public Prosecutor has demanded to eliminate all infringements and their consequences. But the general director « Gazprom invest the East » has rejected requirements of Office of Public Prosecutor, motivating refusal by that « in actions of officials of the enterprise there is no fault ». The customer has appealed against against representation of Office of Public Prosecutor in the Central district court of Khabarovsk. The court of the first instance has rejected the request on the ground that infringements of the nature protection legislation took place to be.

Open Company « Gazprom invest the East » has disagreed with such conclusion and has submitted the appeal to the Khabarovsk regional court. However the regional court has upheld the district court decision.