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In Khabarovsk in one of garages traded palenym spirit

to Trade in spirit on flood – business as the practice shows, favourable. At a certain layer of the population 120 – 150 roubles on high-grade « to half-litre » happens seldom, and to drink - that it would be desirable. And then on arena there are small traders and pour the sufferer on 100 – 200 grammes of cheap spirit.

usually such points settle down in apartments of barracks, private houses or garages. Their activity, by itself, is illegal, licences for trade in alcohol at them never was and will not be. But it still half-misfortunes. A misfortune that in puzyrechki is quite often poured not medical, but technical spirit or on a broader scale any rubbish which only smells as alcohol.

such underground point in which sold a dangerous swill, the Khabarovsk policemen in one of garages in Southern district have found out, informs a press - service UMVD of Russia across Khabarovsk territory.

Guards of the law have made control purchase and have passed the bought spirit to experts. Those have found out in a substance liquid, life-threatening and health of the person. Drunk the stomach, and at worst &ndash could go blind, ruin this muck; to die.

Now all dangerous production is withdrawn, against dealers criminal case under article 238 UK « is brought; Manufacture, storage or transportation with a view of sale or sale of the goods and production, performance of works or rendering of the services which are not meeting the requirements of security of life or health of consumers ». The maximum term of punishment on it — two years of imprisonment. The consequence proceeds, after all still it is necessary to find suppliers and manufacturers « palenki ».