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In Dagestan will judge the policemen who have given to children the loaded automatic machine

In Dagestan on a dock there were the policemen, yielded to schoolboys zarjazhennnoe the weapon.

Two inspectors on affairs of minors from Tarumovsky area Rustama Israpilova and Revshana Magomedov accuse under article fulfilment by the official of actions, its obviously falling outside the limits powers and the heavy consequences which have entailed causing and inadequate execution by the official of the duties owing to the negligent relation to the service, entailed on imprudence causing of heavy harm to health .

- on September, 16th, 2011 Israpilov and Magomedov conducted special lesson « police school » in a recreation camp « the Bear cub » that in village Tarumovka. And, the heads have strictly warned guards - check the weapon,   which to children will show, one never knows there fighting cartridges will appear, - have told in investigatory committee of Russia.

Policemen have started to show to schoolboys the automatic machine Kalashnikov at the same time have decided to organise competition - who will fast disassemble and will collect the weapon.   many children pulled hands, wanted to participate in competition somewhat quicker.

- Israpilov to accelerate business, one more automatic machine, a leah has given to children on competition but has not checked up there are cartridges in its shop. As a result, when one senior pupil has started to assort the weapon, the loud shot has thundered. Two schoolboys were more younger seriously injured, - inspectors inform.

Business of two negligent policemen is already directed to court.