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The Office of Public Prosecutor has found guilty, frozen rural school

At settlement Barano school - Orenburg Border children had to comprehend science elements in fur coats and varezhkah. Educational offices practically were not heated. To children even have prolonged vacation till January, 16th as to sit at a school desk at temperature about 10 degrees in a class it is simply impossible, no less than to be engaged in physical culture in sports hall where the thermometer column shows only 2 - 4 degrees   above zero.

the Misfortune has occurred after washing of system of heating and installation of the thermal counter.

It has appeared that heat was gone not from - for zasorov in batteries that is why that the counter has been established with infringements.

About all it we have written on our site still one week ago, and here the seaside Office of Public Prosecutor has decided to interfere with business.

- We have checked up data of mass-media on non-observance of a temperature mode at rural school, -   The senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Primorski Territory Elena Telegin speaks. -

It was found out that the temperature in offices and a school corridor made less than 18 degrees, and these are obvious infringements sanitary - epidemiological requirements.

Guilty the Office of Public Prosecutor has found quickly. Among them administration of school which has not checked properly work on installation of the thermal counter. Besides, workers of branch « are guilty also; Mihajlovsky » KGUP « Primteploenergo » -   quality of the services rendered by them does not maintain any criticism.

- Following the results of check concerning the master of branch « Mihajlovsky » KGUP « Primteploenergo » and principals are brought actions about an administrative offence, and to the head of settlement representation about elimination of infringements is brought, - Elena Telegin speaks.

After such dismantlings at school, on an assurance of public prosecutors, has considerably become warmer.