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In Vladivostok the predator has attacked a pawnshop

the Attack on a pawnshop has occurred on January, 23rd nearby 12. 30 on Ivanovo, 6/ 4. The man hiding the person under a wide scarf has rushed Into a premise, in hands it compressed a pistol. Having directed a barrel towards the employee of a pawnshop, he has demanded from it money. Having caught 45 thousand roubles and having taken gold ornaments, the predator has disappeared. To detain without delay the criminal it was not possible. Upon an attack have filed criminal charges under article « Robbery ».

- One of the main reasons of attacks – non-observance of elementary safety rules, and in some cases a negligence and nonprofessionalism. Also policemen allocate one more typical error in system of security which is characteristic for the majority of the objects which have become by victims of armed touches. It is the organisation of system of video observation which should be help for detectives at crime disclosing. However here again a number of miscalculations brings to nothing utility of this security measure, - Oleg Dolgy, the chief of police UMVD of Russia across Primorski Territory considers.

we Will remind, it already the third similar attack for January. In the beginning the attack on office « has been made; Sovkombanka » on Sports – then the robber has shot at an eye to the security guard. Then the credit organisation in the same area has undergone to an attack. However, all crimes have been made by different people. In first two cases of malefactors have detained.