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Unwillingness to play Manchester of City has managed to Carlos Tevesu very expensively

the Next acknowledgement of that the most severe punishment for the infringer of labour discipline, rouble, is more correct in the given concrete case – pound sterling, has come from foggy Albion. A press - service « Manchester of City » has informed that Carlos Teves who has refused on September, 27th of last year to leave on replacement in a match of League of champions against Munich « Bavaria » thereby has broken contract obligations to club and as a result it has paid penalties and has received less in the form of the salary and awards of 9,3 million pounds sterling (15 million dollars).

the Salary at a rate of 200 thousand pounds a week to the forward who has departed to Argentina still on November, 7th and since then not shown in Manchester, have ceased to pay in the end of last autumn month of last year. On it it has at present lost 1,7 million pounds. Twice Tevesa fined: at first for the fortnight salary, then – on the six-week. It is 1,6 million more. And at last obstinacy of the Argentinean, refused to apologise before the trainer « townspeople » Roberto Manchini and gone on the open conflict to a club management, costed to it 6 - the million award.

Despite so big financial losses Carlos Teves to play Manchester does not want and continues to insist on that it have rented « to Milan ». « Manchester of City » wants to get rid from whimsical attacking for ever and intend to sell it. However wishing to pay for Tevesa of 28 million pounds sterling in spite of the fact that such class forward would like to see in the structure any club, is not yet. At least, « Milan » where the Argentinean wants to play, at it has not dared yet.