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Organizers of meeting remained on February, 4th are happy with a procession route

In meeting organising committee on February, 4th are satisfied by negotiations with the Moscow mayoralty and consider the co-ordinated variant of procession comprehensible.

One of applicants of the action, journalist Sergey Parhomenko, named a position of authorities of the capital constructive, and the reached agreement – « mutually acceptable, arranging both parties ».

According to Parhomenko, the mayoralty insisted on carrying over of meeting with 4 on February, 5th, but organizers have managed « to defend » initially declared date. In negotiations, besides Sergey Parhomenko, politicians Vladimir Ryzhkov and Gennady Gudkov also participated.

« It is symbolical date, meeting will pass exactly a month before elections in presidents and in two months after elections in the State Duma » – the journalist « has declared; to Interfax ».

the Declared number of participants – 50 thousand persons. They will gather at the underground « October » and then will pass across Yakimanka to the Marsh area where meeting will take place. The action will pass with 12. 00 to 15. 00 Moscow time.