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In Petersburg bandits - Azerbaijanians arranged slaughter in the diaspora

the Azerbaijan diaspora in Petersburg has sighed more freely. Under court give three gangsters - brothers   Gjaraja and Magamedali Abdyevyh and their nephew Vugara Abdieva which terrorised businessmen - compatriots, taking them under criminal control for regular profit.

For two years Abdyeva and Abdiev have stolen two persons, have made three robberies and three extortions, a shot have broken suffered a foot. In November, 2009 Abdiev has squabbled with fellow countrymen at the Moscow station and has beaten to the divisional who has interfered with fight.

- Besides, on January, 14th, 2001 Magamedali Abdyev on the prospectus of Bolsheviks has killed the native of Azerbaijan, having put it some blows by a knife, - have added in the main investigatory management SK across Petersburg. - In June, 2009 in cafe in the street Podvojsky brothers of Abdyevy have made the actions directed on excitation of hatred and enmity, having arranged fight with visitors of cafe of Russian nationality, crying out the slogans humiliating worthiness of the person in their address, at this Gjaraj Abdyev has raked to one of suffered a foot.

At a search from gangsters have withdrawn a pistol,   altered under shooting by fighting cartridges with the device for silent and besplamennoj shooting. Depending on a role of their each figurant have accused of gangsterism, murder, hooliganism, extortion, abduction,   application of violence concerning the representative of the power, hatred or enmity excitation, weapon illegal circulation. Criminal case have passed in court.