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In Novosibirsk there was Nikolay Gogol`s bust

In Novosibirsk begins kind tradition to establish monuments to people which have left a bright trace in the Russian literature. Yesterday, in the two-hundredth anniversary, great writer Nikolay Vasilevicha Gogol, on crossing of street of a name him and the Red prospectus have established a bust of the well-known author the Auditor and Dead souls .

- I am glad that we continue new city tradition which have begun with inhabitants and the head of the Central area last year,   - Vladimir Gorodetsky, the mayor has told. - the first step has been made, when   we have opened a monument to writer Feodor Mihajlovichu Dostoevsky. This year   - year of Nikolay Gogol, and occurrence of this monument - a tribute of memory of the great Russian writer.

At solemn opening townsmen with pleasure have estimated a bust of the author and have taken out a verdict that the monument is very similar to Gogol: The same moustaches, sharp and long nose

- However, eyes very much navykate have turned out, - Oksana Perfilyev, the teacher of initial classes speaks. - but to my pupils with whom I have come today, the monument was pleasant.

- the Bust has been cast in St.-Petersburg as in Novosibirsk are not engaged in art moulding, - Alexander Bortnik, the sculptor and the author of work tells. - at first it was moulded from clay, then has been sent in Northern capital, there it have cast from pig-iron with zinc and tin addition, prochekanili and have returned back home. Already here we have processed a bust a special solution from corrosion. And now you see result, in my opinion, it has turned out very well.

next year the power plan to establish busts to Michael Lermontov, Alexander Ostrovsky, Ivan Krylov and Nikolay Nekrasov in the streets bearing their names.

Height - 3 m. 69 see

Width - metre on metre.