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To Kupchino passengers squeeze into a minibus hardly

Here what week editorial phone is heated until red from calls of our readers literally. Anybody from the calling does not understand, why convenient and practical   buses on a route To - 250 have unexpectedly changed on any zhivopyrki .

- So it was good, you come, anybody does not push you, - Valentine Kizim`s engineer sighs. -   Always is   free   places, and the car   goes almost silently. And that turns out now? In - the first, you are hardly driven in in small Otojoly and they go anyhow.

Correspondents have decided to check up, a leah really so all is bad. The seen picture, to tell the truth, has not pleased us.     minibuses go jammed, the driver hardly has time to count one hand delivery,   and another - dashing to cut passing cars. It is not necessary to speak about any comfort at all. Moreover, in one of days ours   the colleague has staid at a stop nearby Frunze a supermarket almost forty minutes, but cars and has not waited.

However, in the company Piteravto to which posesses a problem route, no trouble in complaints of passengers have not seen, and there and then have found   the guilty. It has appeared it... The underground

-     After   have opened   Volkovsky in 250 minibus became less passengers, - have informed representatives of the company. -   therefore we have decided to replace buses of stamp KAVZ on Otojol . There there are less than places. As to long intervals between cars,   that they are connected   with road problems on several   route sites.

Nevertheless, after numerous complaints a route To - 250 began to supervise   service on work with references of passengers.