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Today in Volgograd again has passed picket on business of Sashi Kolokoltseva

Today on the Area of the Fallen fighters relatives, friends and familiar Sashi Kolokoltseva have spent one more picket. We will remind that Sasha Kolokoltsev was lost on June, 21st nearby to circus. The kid was brought down by the employee of Office of Public Prosecutor Elena Ivanov when that passed road on a zebra (read in for 23, 24, on June, 26th and on July, 7th).

Business under article 264 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Infringement of traffic regulations and operation of vehicles till now it is raised only upon death of the child. Parents of the boy hope till now that criminal case all - taki will raise against eks - employees of regional Office of Public Prosecutor Elena Ivanovoj who drove the car of the brought down boy.

Examination has shown that car Ivanovoj was in good repair, brakes too were as it should be. Consider that at the employee of Office of Public Prosecutor it was not simple places for maneuver. But to results of the examination made in Saratov, relatives of the lost boy do not trust.

- One of witnesses, the driver of a tram, says that the review at Ivanovoj was on 30 metres, - the grandfather of the boy Vasily Druzhinin tells. - she simply did not look at road. Other witnesses who to us hardly managed to be found - two deaf-and-dumb guys have told about it. They have told that the child she simply did not see.

For all stirrings mum of the boy Tatyana has got to hospital.

- As soon as she will recover, will go to Moscow in the State Office of Public Prosecutor and will not leave therefrom while will achieve nothing, - the grandfather continues. - Besides, we were converted into public chamber of Russia.