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Fleshmobbery pochtjat in Yaroslavl Michael Jackson`s memory

the Scenario of action of absolutely absurd character, but organizers promise   - it will not be boring.

On Saturday, on September, 19th, participants will gather in the street Kirov, here, most likely, and there will pass the action. At 14 o`clock in the street centre there will be a person with the poster “ Fleshmob “ it will be adjoined by participants. Performance will begin in 15. 00, will be many dances and other interesting things. Any interested person can come and participate.


Michael Jackson has returned hope to incurably sick Yaroslavl boy > > >

In Yaroslavl region the girl has killed itself to prolong to Jackson life > > >


Fleshmob - the representation calculated on casual spectators. Fleshmob should call bewilderment. Actions mobberov should not be crossed with line permitted by the legislation. All participants should be sober and made, to do all with a serious kind, being in sound mind. After the action it is necessary to disperse instantly from a scene of action every which way, without giving a sign that there was something unusual.

the FILE

Jackson Michael Joseph was born on August, 29th, 1958 in the Ashes city, the State of Indiana, the USA. Already at five years` age Jackson has started to act in group “ Jackson Five “ which his father has created. Together with Michael his brothers acted, but it was the indisputable leader of group. The young talent also has deduced group of the category of local celebrities to the first serious contract.

the Maturing Michael popularity in group any more did not arrange, and he has decided to try to write down some solo songs. When its first separate composition “ I’ll Be There “ Leaves in a hit - parades on 4 place, it becomes clear that in a musical sky there is a new superstar. Having written down it is some more hit - “ Rockin’Robin “ and “ Ben “ Michael lets out the first album - “ Off The Wall “ which   there is the leader American a hit - parades. In 1982 Jackson lets out the second album - “ Thriller “ which will bring to it seven awards “ Grammy “.