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In Geneva consultations on a situation on southern caucasus

the Situation on southern caucasus open continue to discuss at the highest world level. In Geneva consultations on the situation which have developed in region will shortly proceed. On air of radio (97,2 FM in Moscow), forthcoming event was discussed by professor IMEMO Alexander Pikaev:

- In Geneva the next round of consultations on a situation on southern caucasus, namely round Abkhazia and South Ossetia and, in general - that opens, the parties not too count on that will be possible to achieve serious progress. The matter is that such participants of consultations as the United States and the European Union, unequivocally take the part of Georgia and consequently hardly can be impartial participants of negotiating process. Besides, the United States and their European allies have occupied extremely a hard line during discussion of peace-making missions of OSCE and the United Nations and as a result these missions have stopped the existence.

the Geneva negotiations, nevertheless, make sense. So   agreements on the mechanism of prevention of collisions along border have been reached. Within the limits of this mechanism representatives of the parties gather and discuss problems which there exist. Also it is important that the Geneva consultations pass on the threshold of session of General assembly of the United Nations where presidents of Russia and Georgia will act. Besides, debate between powers concerning possible renewal of peace-making mission round Abkhazia and South Ossetia is conducted.