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In the Voronezh region to the murderer of the pedophile of a distance eight months conditionally

In May, 2009 in semilukskoj high security colonies between two   convicts - Sergey Doroshenko and Alexander Shevchenko - fastened friendship. They together went to a dining room, drank tea, talked. Here only never Shevchenko has told, for what winds term. And it has received 14 years for pedophilia - throughout two months forced minor daughters of the sozhitelnitsy. To a companion said that sits for murder. When Doroshenko has learnt that its friend - the pedophile, it has flown into a rage and has solved to talk with the yesterday`s friend heart-to-heart. They have met at a laver. Conversations it has not turned out: convicts have snatched against each other with fists. Shevchenko has tried to strangle the opponent. That, being protected, has some times knocked the cellmate a stool on the head.

- Shevchenko has got to hospital. In three days he has died, without regaining consciousness, - has told Vladislav Isaev, the assistant to the Voronezh public prosecutor on supervision of observance of laws in IU . - On Tuesday, on September, 15th, to Sergey Doroshenko have pronounced a sentence. For excess of limits of necessary defence to it a distance eight months conditionally. Punishment have softened, as Doroshenko sat for theft, and Shevchenko - under especially heavy article.

In June 2009 - go Doroshenko left on freedom, conditional punishment now leaves.