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The expert: the Customs union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, can lead to creation nadnatsionalnyh control bodies

Accession to WTO of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, the uniform customs union, was more than once discussed by experts, but the general opinion all - taki speaks about success of this project. On air of radio (97,2 FM in Moscow) Vladimir Zharihin, the first deputy director of Institute of the CIS countries has acted:

- the Customs union between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, certainly, the most serious break in real integration between the countries. It is possible to speak as much as necessary about integration, but without this step which will cause very serious economic positive consequences of these countries, all and remains at level of conversations.

Only creation of the general customs area will allow to advance integration projects, in various areas. In it, on the one hand, necessity of this agreement, on the other hand, complexity of its achievement. Because it is serious integration scale which will inevitably lead to the beginning of formation certain nadnatsionalnyh bodies.

there Will be a creation of a certain uniform customs budget to which there will be customs payments to not so each country separately, and all together. But here again there is a question of creation of regulating body. And here, I am afraid, there will be the greatest complexities and problems which are necessary for solving as this customs union is exclusively favourable to all countries which will participate in it.