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The ozone gap over Antarctica starts to decrease

  the Ozone gap - area with the lowered concentration of the stratospheric ozone protecting a surface of a planet from a rigid ultraviolet - in 2009, predictably, will be less, than one year ago, the World meteorological organisation existing under the aegis of the United Nations informs.

weather conditions Observed till now specify that in 2009 the ozone gap will be less, than in 2006 and 2008, and will be close to the parametres observed in 2007 - it is told in the statement of the organisation which quotes AFP.

For the first time the ozone gap has been found out in Antarctic in 1980 - e years. It starts to be formed in August, reaches the maximum size in September - October and disappears by December.

scientists have connected Occurrence of ozone gaps with wide application in practice ozonorazrushajushchih substances, in particular freonov and hlorftoruglerodov. In 1987 193 countries have signed the Montreal report which has forbidden these substances. Now concentration of ozone grows in atmosphere and, predictably, by 2020 will reach level 1960 - h years.

this year the ozone gap has started to be formed earlier, than usually, by September, 16th its area has reached 24 million square kilometres. In 2008 its size made 27 million square kilometres, and in 2007 - 25 million square kilometres, passes RIA Novosti news agency