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Vlad Filat - without five minutes of premieres of Moldova

On Wednesday fulfilling duties of the president of Moldova declared a name new the prime minister - the minister. To head government Mihaj Gimpu has charged to the leader of Liberal party Vlad Filatu. Tomorrow the parliament will accept resignation of the former government then the decree about purpose of Filata will be signed.

it is already known that the new government will include already familiar faces. So, the Ministry of Internal Affairs after nine years will be headed by Victor Katan, head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs becomes Yury Ljanke working on this fast in 2001. Key portfolios of Filat will distribute to the co-workers - to representatives of an alliance For the European integration . Within the next few days the future prime minister also will publish the program.  

Earlier on air of TV channel PROTV and. The island of the president of Moldova Mihaj Gimpu was already voiced by some key positions vneshenepoliticheskogo a country course. So, the come to power democrats assure what to deduce the country from the CIS, no less than to enter the NATO,   do not plan. if Moldova has as the fates decree appeared in the CIS it is impossible to cut off scissors this fact. We acted and we support cooperation with all countries - both on bilateral, and on a multilateral basis. Also we will develop this cooperation structurally and consistently -   underlines Gimpu.


Mihaj Gimpu: Scissors Moldova from the CIS you will not cut out