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The Finnish and Russian frontier guards have spent joint doctrines on detention of infringers

Nearby   from the Russian city of Svetogorsk in Lenigradsky area have passed Russian - the Finnish doctrines on detention of group of citizens of Afghanistan which tried to cross the Russian border illegally.

Fortunately, this time detention was educational. It passed in frameworks of a meeting of boundary commissioners of Russia and Finland. The purpose of doctrines - exercising in co-ordinated operations on a site Russian - the Finnish border.

As informs Our city action passed under several scenarios. In the first case of all four infringers the disturbing group of the Russian frontier guards detained. And in the second - the Russian side, not had time to detain deserters has handed over the information to the Finnish colleagues.

After crossing of the Russian border infringers have gone deep into wood and were divided on two groups. The first moved towards the Finnish boundary cordon Pekola also has surrendered to frontier guards, and the second - deep into territories of Finland, she was detained by the Finnish frontier squad.

the Chief of the Frontier service in the city of Vyborg colonel Sergey Mitjushin has noticed in conversation with journalists that such educational action is called by increase in a stream of the illegal immigrants, trying to cross the Russian border towards Finland.

Since January, 2009 by the Vyborg frontier guards it has been detained already seven groups which structure included nearby 20 persons. Work of guards of frontier as becomes complicated that attempts of transitions become more and more organised, illegal immigrants have guides.

Boundary commissioner Jugo - East district of Finland colonel Passi Kostanovara has noted special coordination of actions of the Russian military men. Russians have shown to the Finnish colleagues on an outpost the newest means of technical maintenance of protection of the state boundaries   the Russian Federation, informs an information portal lenobl. allnw. ru.