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Tajikistan asks Russia to pay, for use of military base in their territory

the Authorities of Tajikistan have requested of Russia money for use of military base in region. The requested sum has amazed many experts. On air of radio (97,2 FM in Moscow) the situation round military base was discussed by Andrey Grozin, the manager. Department of Central Asia of Institute of the CIS:

- Statements which even more often sound from Tajikistan, about necessity of introduction of Russia of a payment for 201 - ju the Russian military base which is in territory of this republic, in my opinion, speak simply enough. In - the first, Tajikistan is in extremely difficult situation - in the economic and social plan. From year to year the country faces the numerous problems connected with power, with unemployment, with incompetence of a management, inability to solve the vital issues, such simple and elementary as heating in the winter, supply of the population by foodstuff and etc. Until recently these problems were mixed by dump of a part of the superfluous population in the form of labour migrants to Kazakhstan and, first of all, to Russia.

Now, with expansion of a world economic crisis, the requirement both Russian, and Kazakhstan in labour migrants from Tajikistan was reduced very sharply, and, naturally, rather considerable receipts which, even by the official estimations obviously underestimated, in Tajikistan made almost half of profitable part of all budget of the country were reduced.

Appointing the sum of 300 million dollars year, the Tadjik management, obviously, used checked up east wisdom: If you want a goat - ask a camel. It is clear that such payment for rent of military bases in this world does not exist. Even our American friends after long, long and very difficult negotiations with Kirghizia about abiding conditions in this territory of military base which was now transformed to the centre of transit transportations, have agreed to pay annually the sum at a rate of 67 million dollars.

In - the second, it is clear that to follow the tastes at state which uses blackmail elements, thus says that it is the strategic partner of the Russian Federation, probably, it would be not so reasonable. Besides, for anybody in region not a secret that this base, certainly, being, including proceeding and from the Russian geopolitical interests, appreciably contributes in situation stabilisation in the Tajikistan. If not presence of the Russian military men, I very strongly doubt that the Tadjik civil war lasting of some years, would end with signing of the Intertadjik settlement in 1997. Most likely, the situation would be much worse. Besides, I very strongly doubt that Emomali Rahmon which are the president of Republic Tajikistan, would be that without participation of the same Russian military men.

While, unfortunately, our military men, our presence at this republic is supported by informal communications. If Russia goes on formalisation of the military presence to this republics including through rent payment then, I believe, at Tajikistan much less possibilities will use a question of the Russian military presence, as one of elements of the auction with the Russian Federation.