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Michael Gorbachev accuse in « to double game » in relation to GDR

Last head of the USSR Michael Gorbachev in 1989 conducted double game discussing behind the back of a management of GDR possible ways of association of Germany, last chairman of the State Council of GDR has declared on Wednesday in Moscow Egon Krents.

In conversation with me Gorbachev has categorically declared: Association of Germany is not necessary on the agenda . It was on November, 1st, 1989. But almost at the same time behind the back of a management of GDR contacts to figures of Germany were already conducted to probe conditions of the German unity - has informed Krents within the limits of presentation of the book in Russian Autumn of 1989 about last period of existence of GDR.

Germany compulsorily divided in 1949 to Germany and GDR, has reunited in 1990. This event was preceded by scale geopolitical changes in Europe. GDR which were a part of the headed USSR east block has stopped the existence. Krents was last head of GDR, in its board the Berlin wall has been opened for pass.

According to Krentsa, it until the last minute existence of GDR trusted Gorbachev declaring adherence to preservation of integrity of republic.
Gorbachev`s double game " became bitter disappointment for me; - the former politician ascertained.

He has noticed that in 1993 in Germany there was Gorbachev`s book Conversations top-level: secret reports .

Notes about my meeting with it there are not present on November, 1st. Gorbachev`s sight at GDR then has already changed as if such ally never was. And (German chancellor) Helmut Kohl who in 1986 still compared Gorbachev to Goebbels, became now its new friend - has specified Krents.

He has informed that sometimes receives questions on the reasons of so big trust for the Soviet leader of that time.

I then thought so: or Gorbachev manages to carry out reorganisation, or the country will sink in chaos... To dismiss the USSR from above - I will frankly tell, I then did not consider it possible - Krents has told, having added that the trust to Soviet Union was its position of principle.

Last head of GDR has noticed that a sign with Gorbachev`s statements that it has given to each of socialist countries a freedom in choosing of public system .

It is very popular answer. Association of Germany was on the agenda of political debates, but after falling of the Berlin wall association should take place on a basis equal in rights instead of how happens when Germany has absorbed GDR - Krents has told.

It has reminded that from the date of the basis the destiny of GDR has been narrowly connected with destiny of the USSR and has underlined that the data available at that point in time for him did not allow an occasion to think of the fast end of republic.

I admit that such presentiments at me were not - Krents has told.

it do not agree with those who asserts that for defeat of GDR it is necessary to blame only her. After all from the political world map one it has disappeared not. It was a single whole part. The model of a socialism existing in huge territory " collapsed; - the former politician has noted.

RIA Novosti news agency yet it was not possible to receive the comment of representatives of Gorbachev in connection with statements of the former leader of GDR.