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The court over the driver whom some months have driven in Tuleyev`s train

Zalesovsky district court of Altay territory has ended was engaged in consideration of this sensational case. And here, at last, today has taken out the definitive verdict: driver Vasily Tchurkin - is guilty.   we will remind, road accident has occurred in the afternoon on February, 11th this year on 66 kilometre of a highway Altai - Kuzbas . Governor Aman Tuleyev went with working visit to Altay territory. On a meeting there was a column of trucks which moved from Barnaul in Belovo behind coal. It is necessary to notice that this site of road is dangerous enough. Drivers KAMAZov, having seen the car with beacons, have started to brake. Vasily Tchurkin who was bringing up the rear, has seen traffic police crew during the latest moment. 40 - the summer driver here has pressed a brake, but from - for a great speed and   ice the car has not stopped, and has left to the left, having left on the oncoming traffic party. In it the moment there just went Audi And - 6 The belonging Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Altay territory in which there were the two police officers accompanying Tuleyev. As a result of road accident the driver of the car Audi And - 6 has received heavy physical injuries, and the commander of a separate battalion dorozhno - traffic police sentry duty at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Altay territory Michael Freev was lost on a scene.

Vasily Tchurkin the court recognised as guilty of commission of crime under article Infringement   the person operating the car of traffic regulations, the causing which has entailed on imprudence of heavy harm to health of the person, and also entailed on imprudence death of the person . For the committed crime to the driver have appointed punishment in the form of imprisonment for a period of one year of 10 months in a colony - settlement. Also it is deprived the right to operate a vehicle within two years, - have informed in a press - service of Investigatory Committee at   to Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across Altay territory.

In the meantime Tchurkin Andrey Rotshtejn`s lawyer has informed FederalPress that proceeding from judiciary practice of Altay territory, Vasily could appeal against against a judgement. In similar cases usually give only conditional punishment. But Tchurkin why - that has not wanted. Thus, the lawyer, neither the widow of Michael Freeva, nor the driver " has underlined; Audi And - 6 did not insist on a punishment austerity measure.