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In the Zaporozhye area witnesses search for witnesses golodomora

In the Zaporozhye area give evidences during the investigation of criminal case upon a genocide in Ukraine in 1932 - 1933 gg which has been raised by Security service of Ukraine in May, 2009.

During pretrial investigation carrying out on business in the Zaporozhye area it is established and interrogated eyewitnesses as witnesses of 50 persons by whom in 1932 - 33 year 16 years were executed. They confirm the facts of liquidation of agriculture, the facts on raskulachivaniju and deportations of the Ukrainian families, illegal confiscation of property, reprisals and destruction of citizens - the first deputy of head of department SBU in Roman Semenov Zaporozhye area on a press - conferences on Wednesday has told.

As he said, in the state archive of area it is revealed 33 thousand certificates about death of people in 1932 - 33 years which confirm the hunger facts. Besides, criminal cases of that period are stored in archive SBU concerning citizens by whom to overthrow of the existing power, accusations in counterrevolutionary sabotage, in appeals were brought with participation in counterrevolutionary public organisations.

He also has informed that management SBU in the Zaporozhye area continues to conduct search of witnesses, archival materials and places of mass burial places are studied.

the Book of memory of Golodomora is in each area... Actually the security service was engaged in that this volume, taking into account that is at SBU and in other sources, turned to criminal case volumes that there was a concrete result and that we have seen this result - has noted during time a press - conferences the chairman of the Zaporozhye regional state administration Alexander Staruh.

Both in international law, and in the national right there are crimes on which the limitation period does not extend. Such crime is the genocide. Therefore this criminal case will be investigated and directed to court. The last word - who is guilty of this business, will give court - the deputy chief of investigatory department of management SBU in the Zaporozhye area Vladimir Antontsev has told.

As it was informed, the reference of the head of the Ukrainian institute of National memory of Igor Juhnovsky, People`s Deputies Grigory Omelchenko and Alexander Chernovolenko, head of a society " became the basis for criminal case excitation; the Memorial of R.Stusa, and also statements of other citizens of Ukraine with requirements to make investigation of circumstances of murder by hunger of millions people in Ukraine in 1932 - 1933

Criminal case is raised to signs of the crime provided p.1 item 442 of the Criminal code of Ukraine, passes Interfax