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The expert: the System of global security cannot do without China

the Management of the USA has decided to refuse the plans on ABM placing in Czechia and Poland. This step has been made in many respects from - for opinions of Russia on the given problem. On air of radio (97,2 FM in Moscow) the opinion on a problem was voiced by the main research assistant of Institute of world economy and the international relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Dvorkin:

- the Decision of Presidential Administration of Obama which has accepted the Pentagon offer, realisation of the plan of administration of Bush on ABM expansion in Europe in essence stops. This decision is quite proved, as the plan of use strategic protivoraket was extremely avantjuristichen and was lobbied by the former Minister of Defence of the USA Volume Ramsfeld. It has approached threats from Iran, planned CIA on 15 - j year and on 5 - j year, only in interests military - industrial concerns of the USA. And here now, at last, this initiative has been interrupted.

concern of Russia concerning ABM expansion in the Eastern Europe Acts in film, thus. Russia already declared that will not take the answer-back measures on expansion of our rockets Iskander in the Kaliningrad region, station of hindrances which should create obstacles for work of a radar in Czechia, and more a number of other retaliatory measures.

I consider that acceptance of offers of the USA on workings out of global system of the ABM would be the most adequate measure now. In this system, except protivoraket the USA, Russia, Europe, it is necessary to include, of course, and other countries. As, if the global ABM without China will be created, it will call concern from its party. The matter is that already now the ships with this system are developed in Pacific ocean. At the first stages China quite could take part in work of the Moscow centre on data exchange which already was offered for a long time by the Russian heads. In this system can be involved and our station under the early prevention, the newest station which is developed in Armavir, and also Gabala in Azerbaijan. It would be the best answer to all possible other reactions.