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Justified in attempt at Matvienko still on a hook

One of former accused of attempt at the governor of Petersburg Valentina Matvienko still cannot begin normal life. It also is glad, yes authorities do not give.

all Has begun that in the spring Vladislav Baranov, has brought an action the claim: he wants to obtain compensation for year aimlessly lived in a pre-trial detention centre. After all one and a half years ago jurymen have decided that neither the guy, nor two its friends were not going to throw at all Matvienko pomegranates. The mental cruelty of Rams has estimated in five millions roubles. Has come to court, and prove the identity could not: documents at the young man it has not appeared. Process should be postponed.

- In the beginning of June to Baranovu the divisional has come and has taken away the passport, something there was not pleasant to it, - Vladislav Maxim Gafarov`s lawyer has told . - Visors - and with the ends. And in 43 department of militia, Baranova on a broader scale have pleased: Have told that against it criminal case for forging of documents is brought. Something not so with a check in stamp. It is strange: FSB Baranova as soon as checked - its all in the passport has arranged, and the divisional has not arranged.

It appears, Vladislav, having arrived five years ago to Petersburg, it was converted into the firm which is engaged in registration of checks in. It have registered in Slates, and since then no censures to documents existing.

the Militia rejects vigorously the version to sweep for the process lost by colleagues from special services.

- on June, 2nd the divisional checked the territory, - has told a source in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. - it is natural, he gave special attention to hostels. Has reached Baranova. He also did not know that it that of Rams at it the cares suffice. Has asked the document, the guy has shown the passport. The divisional looks - check in in Slates, but the press old, 2004. Just then them replaced with the new. Steels To pump over . Have made inquiry in Slates - therefrom the answer: at us such it is not registered. Have requested the Central address bureau. Respond: there is no at us such little man. To learn, a leah the original press, we cannot at once: old seals have destroyed, to compare there is nothing. It is necessary to give the passport for examination. In the beginning of July criminal case, but not against Baranova, and concerning unstated persons to article 237 " signs has been brought; the Fake, manufacturing or sale of counterfeit documents, the state awards, stamps, the seals, forms . If it will appear that the press present, and it FMS something has bungled and has not sent the data in archive, business by the automatic machine will close. And a fake - here we will already understand, at whom Rams did check in. That him to accuse, it is necessary to prove criminal intention, that is   to find out, a leah he that knew the press lime.

- Yes the present check in at Baranova, - Maxim Gafarov is assured. - Only it has ended already, and the stamp about an extract is not present.

Meanwhile at eks - accused there was one more problem: to it do not open the bank account. After all after the justifying Vladislav was restored in lycee, and grants there list on a map. It is that and have refused to give out Baranovu. In bank have explained that have no right it to make, as the young man is registered in the black list the persons suspected of extremism. They regularly receive these lists from the Central Bank. And why Baranova after the justifying have not deleted therefrom - a question not to them.