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Avant-guard breaks a course of a meeting with Ak the Leopard throwing 2 lightning washers

the Second period has begun with removal of the defender leopards Ilya Nikulina for attack of Kurjanova. Even having settled down in a zone, Avant-guard cannot find a gap in defence of the owner of the Cup of Gagarin in any way. The voice of the informant declares that on a match there are 10 318 fans.

Game passes with constant pauses, viscous struggle on each site of a platform. Rate slept, leopards supervise a washer. The next removal: citizens of Kazan in minority. Yezhov - a washer in Galimov`s trap throws. avant-guard forces pressure upon gate of the Kazan command. The parties exchange the sharpest counter attacks.

And here unexpectedly leaves in private Wolves - a goal! Galimov has been gracefully beaten. a leopard In shock, omichi there and then throw the second washer - the Czech sniper Jaromir Jagr is exact. After attacks of citizens of Kazan failures in defence disturb the Kazan fans who have arrived in a considerable quantity to Omsk.

Here Galimov catches the following throw of the forward hawks hardly was fight does not begin. Still a throw. The goalkeeper on a place. At Avant-guard Egor Averin - the double small penalty leaves. The third period leopards will begin in the majority. Under sounds of a siren of the command leave on last break. The bill - 2:1.