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In Petersburg go barefoot along the street and throw out from bed windows

If you see the person who joyfully goes on it barefoot on Moskovsky prospectus, do not surprise and do not hurry to call psychiatrists. This person not the madman, it simply carries out the task placed on the Internet.

to Earn money, to help the neighbour, and simply to take a fun. Here three primary goals of one of sites which in the shortest terms became very popular in Petersburgers. They, truth, prefer tricks.

- Pomojtes about brisk road also remove all it on the chamber, - somebody offers Paul under anybody GigaBOT. - Conquers the most original execution.

For victory in this task Paul is ready to pay 10 dollars. This quite good offer. To walk barefoot across Moskovsky prospectus and at all it is necessary for idea .

- I by the way, have walked, - have told Sorokin`s Anna. - it is simple to have fun. By the way, on me even attention almost nobody has converted. And I one more same girl saw with obuvkoj in a hand. Whether too the task carried out, whether feet has rubbed. In general, anything unusual. And here to be washed I would like directly on Neva, but for the present has not thought up, as it to make.

Utility of such resource already prosekli many businessmen. Well where for 200 roubles it is possible to ask to think up the name for firm and to receive twenty five original variants.

One more task which peterburzhskaja the youth promises to execute in the near future. They promise to throw out an armchair, a bed or a case from a window.

- We while think that it will be, - children have explained. - it is necessary to think, as it to make more cool what to throw, whence. It would be desirable, of course, school desks school, but they in the task are not stipulated.