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Drunk astrahanets has killed the young guy

on September, 19th 34 - the summer inhabitant of settlement Zubovka of Chernojarsky area of the Astrakhan region marked sabbatical evening. When he came back home with drunk gait, on a way to it there was an acquaintance 25 - the summer guy. He has played a trick supposedly where so was typed Little by little, between men quarrel has inflamed. The guy has pushed the drunk fellow villager. That has not resisted standing and has fallen. The guy has easy gone further.

But the offended man has not wanted to forgive offence. He has run in the house, has seized the smooth-bore gun and has gone to sort out relations. Having jumped out on street it he has seen a figure of the leaving offender, palnul to it following. From the second time it has got to the guy to a chest. From the received gunshot wound the victim has died on the spot incidents.

Concerning 34 - the summer man have filed criminal charges on 105 - j to article of the criminal code of Russian Federation Murder . This very day the suspect has been detained. The inspector was converted into court with the petition for its arrest. Criminal case investigation proceeds - have told in a press - service of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Astrakhan region .