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In a drugstore of Krasnoselsky area have managed to price out even on bahily

the Subject of overestimate of the prices for medicines it is not new. Many pharmacists from the crisis beginning began to change price lists for medicines as it will take in head, say, the currency has risen in price, here and cost of tablets and mixtures has changed.

However such explanations Office of Public Prosecutor of Petersburg were satisfied also with them have gone with checks on city drugstores. Though there is now a dollar from euro on a place, and the price all the same continues to jump. And manage cost to lift not only on medicines, but even on usual bahily. Where - that can be bought them for five roubles, and some to lucky beggars they got almost for thirty.

the Office of Public Prosecutor has checked up in Krasnoselsky area at once two drugstores: chemist`s point 18 Farmakor in Vanguard street and First aid in the street Tambasova, 32.

- It is established that First aid Has broken a pricing order, - have informed in a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of Petersburg . - In particular, such preparations as Miramistin Kaffetin FTSTS TSentrum with ljuteinom were on sale at inflated price, and increase has made from 1,5 to 50 percent. In chemist`s point of the company Farmakor infringements it is not revealed.

administrative action, and to the general director " is already brought; First aid have sent the writ that all infringements have been eliminated.

[ in the initial text there was an introduced error, apologise Joint-Stock Company Farmakor . Infringements of pricing from the company have not been revealed]