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Almost 50 thousand Volgograd schoolboys had a rest in the summer in camps

About 48 thousand schoolboys of the Volgograd region had a rest in the summer in camps. In health resorts had a rest almost 19 thousand children,   which parents   work at the enterprises which are in a difficult financial position.

- As to country camps in the last summer 6104 schoolboys there had a rest. At the expense of social insurance means half of cost of vacation packages, and for children of workers of the enterprises which are in a heavy financial position, - to 100 % was paid. Even more seven thousand children have strengthened health in sanatorium camps, including, at the Black Sea coast, in Essentukah, in Moscow Region. There except usual rest to children relied the strengthened food and obshcheukrepljajushchie procedures, - the head of group on public relations and the press of the Volgograd regional branch of Fund of social insurance Svetlana VALENTEJ speaks .

Also great demand used also camp with day abiding. They are visited, as a rule, by younger schoolboys. This year in school camps 34550 children had a rest.

- It would be desirable to notice that despite the beginning of academic year, improvement of children proceeds. More than three thousand children will have a rest till the end of the year in sanatorium camps. There children can combine treatment and rest with study as in all of them educational process is organised. Camp with day abiding will be glad to see schoolboys in days of autumn vacation in all areas of area. Besides, in autumn vacation the country camp " will work; the Streamlet in which can have a rest over 200 schoolboys, - Svetlana Valentej continues.