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In Kaliningrad rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have managed to prevent explosion of household gas

on September, 21st to rescuers   the Ministry of Emergency Measures   at the last moment it was possible to prevent explosion of household gas in one of houses along the street Kiev in Kaliningrad.

all Has begun that two small children whether is casual, whether have purposely closed on a balcony the mother who has left there. Houses during that moment of anybody   from adults was not, and back to apartment the woman to get could not in any way. Meanwhile, position developed completely not ridiculous: on a plate there was a pan with water. The boiled liquid at first has filled in a ring, then and on a broader scale has boiled away. In general, the situation became explosive in literal sense of this word.

Fortunately, in time there have arrived rescuers. They did not begin to open a powerful entrance door as taking into account the begun leak of gas the slightest spark threatened with explosion. By means of climbing equipment they managed to go down from a building roof on a balcony of the fifth floor. Experts could wring out a balcony door and let in inside suffered prolonged anxiety mistress. As a result all has managed safely. As two juvenile mischievous persons, there is no mention have been punished.