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Experts recognise Georgia as an aggressor in the South Ossetia conflict

Experts continue investigation of last year`s events in South Ossetia. Lately opinions have very strongly changed. Georgia already at official level admits an aggressor. On air of radio (97,2 FM in Moscow) the opinion on an event was voiced by Andrey Kartunov, the president of fund New Eurasia :

- Concerning Europeans, and many Americans to events on southern caucasus there are curious changes. We well remember, how the majority of the American and European experts is unequivocal and consecutive one year ago accused Russia in razvjazyvanii the conflict as Georgia was represented in the form of an innocent victim as any attempts from Russia to present the position were swept aside practically without discussions.

Now gradually we see, as in the West the conflict picture is represented more difficult, more many-sided and much less unequivocal. Perhaps, today it is possible to assert that the majority of experts consider that all - taki the originator of the conflict was the Georgian party. And it is very essential not only from the point of view of restoration of historical justice. It is very essential and from the point of view of the future region. Certainly, for the present early to speak about how such discussions, discussions will end. However shift in political community gradually occurs. And it is, of course, very important for the future succession of events both on caucasus, and behind its limits.