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Match Avant-guard - Ak the Leopard has come to the end with victory omichej 3:1

the Third period begins quickly. leopards rush forward, passing the most dangerous counter attacks. Unexpectedly on stadonu objavljajut that Avangrad with its full complement, though the penalty at a hawk was double. Also on a match course it became known that a washer leopards has thrown not Butts, and Niko Kapanen.

a match very strained, a throw behind a throw. Tribunes Omsk - Arenas scan the Washer! A washer! . Commands have changed over, citizens of Kazan need to hammer. But completely not obvious removal of Emelina attack of Klepisha forces again Ak the Leopard to be rolled away. JAgr and the company continue to manage on half of Kazan club. And here light lights up again behind Galimov`s collars! But the washer is not included.

Leopards with the last bit of strength rush to Kochnev`s collars. Combinational game is not glued. The head coach Avant-guard a beret 30 - a second time - a miss. Game renews, but Kazionov misses the moment. Ak the Leopard changes the goalkeeper for the field player. In a pause Biljaletdinov takes the time - a miss. Minutes of a meeting thaw. Vlasenkov   throws already in empty gate. The meeting comes to the end with victory omichej.